About us


Customer service and innovation are always at the forefront of everything we do.

By sourcing the best products, offering value-added solutions and providing expert support to all of our partners, you can always be sure to receive the best service from us.

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach but rather in bespoke solutions for every business.

The DK KALMEDICA team offers expert knowledge of the healthcare sector and constantly strives to enhance their expertise. We grow with your business and learn from your individual needs and requirements.

DK Kalmedica is a growing and dynamic manufacturing & commercial medical devices company that prides on it’s business paradigm to develop and build substantial and resourceful relationships with it’s business partners.

It was created to meet the growing needs of the Healthcare Professional, offering innovative therapeutic solutions and high quality services

Value to patient and innovation are the cornerstone of Kalmedica’s business as a Greek company.

 We focus on providing services, medical devices and orhopedic products that can achieve strong clinical performance, measurable benefits for patients and low cost, particularly in areas where there is a significant need, such as Angiology , General Surgery, Orthopedics, Gynecology, Oncology & Dermatology

We strive to provide services and support, partnering with our customers in their quest to translate knowledge into clinical application and routine use. We are proud to enable our customers to make the world healthier and safer.

The company was founded on 2017 by  experienced Pharmaceutical Executives with 20 years experience in Multinational Pharmaceutical companies, with the aim of integrating human values ​​into business activities and the ways in which products are developed, marketed and promoted, centered on the patient.

Since its founding DK Kalmedica has grown exponentially, establishing itself as the preferred supplier and partner in the Greek  market. Ιs one of the dynamic presences in the field of health, being recognized in the consciousness of health care professionals through its innovative therapeutic products.

At DK Kalmedica we have the experience, the knowledge and structure of a proven leading company, featuring the energy and passion of an innovative entrepreneur. The result is competitive and rare in health care today.


Our people

We create a fertile and positive work environment that motivates the company’s employees to develop their skills and show their best. Our sales teams are professional and provide excellent customer service to medical industry in Greece and Cyprus.


Dialogue with stakeholders

We keep in touch with a wide range of stakeholders. Communication and dialogue with stakeholders enables us to understand how they can influence – or be affected – by our activities. Interaction helps us identify and prioritize major issues by finding answers that promote the interest of our society and our activity.


Our goal

Integrity is at the heart of our strategy and the way we manage to be successful is just as important as the outcome. The incorporation of our values ​​in culture and the decision-making process helps us better meet the expectations of patients, the medical community and society in genera

We have created a balanced business and product portfolio for sustainable development that focuses on three areas of activity: Pharmaceutical Products, Diagnostic Tests and Health Products.


Our values

Our core values ​​are focus on the patient, integrity, transparency and respect. And this is a comparative advantage that in combination with behavior is difficult to replicate

Kalmedica aspires to offer high quality products and patient support services

By choosing Kalmedica, you are choosing a dynamic healthcare organization dedicated to adding value to every step of your Greek healthcare journey


Mission -

Continuous evolution of scientific research, progress in technology and ever-growing demands by patients dictate that a modern industrial group must continually strive for improvements. 

Participation to international congresses and trade fairs, ongoing dialogue with doctors, research institutions, orthopaedical engineers and medical experts are a critical factor to our success.

DK KALMEDICA  collaborates with State Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers, Private Clinics, Private Doctors and Patient Associations, delivering the best in the market solutions and credibility in medical care